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Mod to Customize the UI of your Google Pixel running Android Oreo ★★ XDA DEVLOPERS FORUM ★★

With the Android Oreo OTA update rolling out to the Google Pixel phones, some are looking for ways to customize the user interface of their device. So XDA Senior Member Tulsadiver has put together a collection of mods that lets you pick and choose which mods you want to install through an Aroma installer.

Some of the included mods let you change things such as the navigation bar height, status bar icon colors, clock positions and more. The developer does note that not all of the mods have been tested, so you should create a backup ahead of time. To install this mod, your Google Pixel needs to have an unlocked bootloader and has to have a custom recovery such as TWRP installed.

Check out this UI mod in our Pixel forum

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