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New Commnt: ★★Re: Here are some of the possible new OxygenOS features. You can still submit your own! ★★

Somebody please submit for me, you can have my prize, as i don't got time to write up the whole presentation they're wanting.
If you think it'll be cool/useful, by all means, go for it!
I'd, due to the nature of my job, use the following in a constant basis! I'd even pay for this!
The ability to hear as the voicemail is being left and the ability to pick up while the message is being recorded!
Sanyo did it 20 years ago, all the more can it be accomplished today!
It was dubbed "Call Screening", and think of it, it really does make more sense than what Google wants to give you for their "feature" by the same name.
Thank you much for your time!

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