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How to Style Short Straight Hair

Short, straight hair can easily be styled to look cute, edgy, sophisticated, or neat with a little practice. There are plenty of different ways to style a pixie cut, including tucking it back, blow drying it forward, or creating a fauxhawk. Similarly, you can tie back or add curls to a bob to create a variety of different looks. Accessories and products are all part of the fun of styling your hair, so play around with hairspray, dye, or headbands to find a look you love!


EditExperimenting with Different Pixie Cut Looks

  1. Blow dry your pixie cut forward for a fun, messy style. Start with freshly washed hair that's still damp. Place a dollop of volumizing mousse onto your fingertips and run it back through your hair. Blow dry your hair forward so that it brushes your forehead. Use your fingertips to ruffle the hair on your crown to create a bit of volume.[1]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 1.jpg
    • Alternatively, use a spray bottle to make your hair damp.
  2. Sweep your pixie cut back for a sleek look. Start with damp hair and create a side parting to the right or left side of your head. Comb your hair out from the parting and use a blow dryer to sweep your hair back from your forehead. Add small amount of a styling paste or gel to your roots to give your hair a light lift.[2]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 2.jpg
    • Avoid adding too much product, as this can weigh your hair down and create a slicked back look. Aim for a light, tufty look.[3]
  3. Create a small fauxhawk for a fun, edgy style. Begin with damp hair and run through a dollop of volumizing mousse to give it a lift. Draw your fingers through the hair on your crown so that it sticks up slightly. Use a blowdryer to sweep your hair up and off your head.[4]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 3.jpg
    • Keep the hair on the sides of your head neatly combed down.
    • Add a small flower or a headband to your fauxhawk to help it stand out even more.[5]
  4. Try a shorter pixie cut for a retro look. Get your pixie cut trimmed so that it doesn’t go past your ears. Ask for a few subtle layers to give it volume and texture. Keep this look trimmed regularly, as it will grow out fast![6]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 4.jpg
    • Very short, retro pixie cuts look great with large hoop earrings.
  5. Tuck your pixie cut behind your ear to keep it out of your face. Create a side parting and sweep the longer side of your hair behind your ear. This look is for longer or overgrown pixie cuts and it's both practical and cute!
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 5.jpg
    • If your hair won’t stay in place, use a bobby pin to help it stay tucked in.[7]

EditTrying out Bob Hairstyles

  1. Get a classic bob for a sophisticated, short hairstyle. Trim your bob regularly to keep it angular and the length between your earlobes and shoulders. Use a side parting and comb your hair away from this to create a sleek look. Tuck each side behind your ears.[8]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 6.jpg
  2. Choose a half up half down style for a relaxed look. Part your hair from ear to ear and gather the top half of your hair on the crown of your head. Tie an elastic around it to create a quick ponytail. Alternatively, twist the top half of your hair into a bun and use an elastic to keep it secure.[9]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 7.jpg
    • Either leave the bottom half of your hair natural or brush through it with a round brush while it’s damp to keep it tidy.[10]
  3. Tie your bob up in a low ponytail for a neat, casual look. Gather your hair close to the base of your head, around earlobe-height. Run your fingers through it to get rid of any tangles or kinks. Remove 3-4 small sections of hair from the top of your forehead and let these loosely hang to frame your face. Wrap an elastic around the ponytail to keep it secure.[11]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 8.jpg
    • This is a great hairstyle for when you are short on time, as it only takes around 10 seconds.
  4. Add light curls to your bob for a messy, carefree style. Mist your hair with a heat protectant product to help prevent heat damage. Then, use a curling iron or wrap small sections of hair around a straightener to add some volume. Frame each side of your face with soft curls and work your way around your hair, adding a few light curls to each side.[12]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 9.jpg
  5. Try an asymmetrical bob for an edgy look. The sharp angles help to frame your face and define your features. Keep the length between your earlobes and chin. Asymmetrical bobs go well with bold, dark hair tones.[13]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 10.jpg
    • To soften the look, try adding a small curl to end of the longer section which frames your face. This makes the bob more relaxed.[14]

EditUsing Products and Accessories

  1. Use hairspray to flatten flyaways. Short hairstyles look best with little to no frizz. Apply it to your wet hair and then style it with a comb. Use plenty, as the alcohol in hairspray makes it evaporate fast.[15]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 11.jpg
    • Alternatively, use a spray gel. You can find these at hair product stores or online. Both hairspray and spray gels are great for reducing frizz, however, spray gels don't have the same crunchy feeling that hairsprays do.
  2. Shape your hairstyle with pomade to give it texture and shine. Spread a dime-sized dollop of pomade over your fingertips. Run it through your hair from the back to the front to prevent build up at your hairline.[16]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 12.jpg
    • Comb your hair to style it after adding the pomade.
  3. Wear simple or statement earrings with your short, straight hair. Show off your favorite earrings with your short and sleek hairstyle. Try small studs for a simple, cute look or bold, extravagant drop earrings for a look that stands out.[17]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 13.jpg
  4. Wear a headband to keep your pixie cut in place. Pixie cuts are great hairstyles but can easily get messy throughout the day. Use a floral or jeweled elastic headband to tame your pixie cut and keep your bangs in place.[18]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 14.jpg
  5. Choose a bold color for a fun, edgy look. Short, straight hair looks great in bold, bright tones. Try blue ombre or blonde highlights for a cropped or pixie style.[19]
    Style Short Straight Hair Step 15.jpg
    • If you have bangs with your short hairstyle, adding a few bright blue or red highlights will also look good.[20]


  • Get your hair trimmed regularly to keep it short and looking neat.

EditSources and Citations

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