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New Commnt: ★★Re: Dual-Frequency GNSS – An important location feature your phone is probably missing ★★

Come to the big city and see how useless your smartphone becomes for navigation. 5 meters sounds like an understatement, when using every different map program available on a variety of high end flagships, the phone just doesn't have a clue what street you are on and what direction you are heading in. As soon as you Cruze out of downtown proper, everything seems flawless. But, especially for tourist, but even for locals, getting those details right is really important! Missing a turn in rush hour can cost you 40min and a ton of frustration. As a tourist, having Google maps is such an asset, for me personally it was such a revelation the first time I traveled with a connected device! Getting lost in a strange city isn't romantic for me, getting where I need to go with confidence opens up a whole new world in my opinion. So, hopefully going forward we will be able to take advantage of dual frequency navigation. Glad to see this article, I have been following the topic closely.

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