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New Commnt: ★★Re: Dual-Frequency GNSS – An important location feature your phone is probably missing ★★

Samsung (especially), Huawei and other "big names"....where the hell are you?
Yes, I'm frustrated! I live and work in cities all over the world. Tall buildings and various obstructions make current GPS a nightmare with maps & indicators spinning around like you're in the Bermuda Triangle. This is tremendously frustrating in Rush Hour and/or on foot especially in cities with stifling temperature and humidity. Broadcom released their dual freq GPS chip in Sept 2017 (note: power use is claimed to be less than single freq GPS). Not one readily available smartphone to date makes FUNCTIONAL use of dual freq capabilities. For those living in North America / wide open spaces / suburbia, I know your are "just fine" with the status quo. Good for you.
I don't CARE whether I get my fingerprint read from the back or the front side of a smartphone. I don't care if there is a "notch" or not.... Just don't have me going around in circles downtown or missing an important lane change at 65 MPH. A "smart" smartphone maker would break away from the pack and make this critical safety feature available yesterday.

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