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New Commnt: ★★Re: Hands-on with Samsung’s ridiculous $1,600 Ceramic Galaxy S10+ ★★

Look, reviewers. Consider this - we're taking more with us everywhere we go.

The reason for such larger-than-the-norm storage and memory is so that people can run multiple RAM-intensive apps and store a lot more stuff. It's mainly for the long term. As long as your mobile provider supports the phone, and perhaps even long after it's not, the phone itself will continue to serve.

Now, durability is an issue we need to be concerned about for something that has so much. Is it waterproof? Does it survive long drops? Can it be hit with a hammer and suffer little to no damage? If "no" to all three, then yes it is ridiculous. But "yes" to any or all of those prove my point.

from XDA-Developers - Latest Comments by CyanogenLover
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