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New Commnt: ★★Re: Hands-on with Samsung’s ridiculous $1,600 Ceramic Galaxy S10+ ★★

The 128GB/8GB memory config in the S10+ costs avout $50. 1TB/12GB is 300%/50% more than that, so a ballpark price of $150 for this config seems probable. Adding the fact that high density NAND flash is difficult to manufacture and will have inherently lower yields than the lower density models, and the cost of the ceramic body, I'm willing to bet that the BOM to street price ratio is actually similar to the regular S10+. Whether the S10 brings enough to the table over the Mix 2S to justify the price delta, or whether this configuration actually deserves to exist is a different question, but in terms of components used, global support systems, and R&D and operations costs, the S10 outstrips anything Xiaomi has put out so far. I think the comparison would be more like one of those really powerful Skodas that perform similarly to some Mercs or BMWs, but without quite the same level of luxury or feature set.

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