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New Commnt: ★★Re: Nokia 9 with 5 Cameras: First Impressions After One Week ★★

XDA also test GCam on Samsung S10 and found out that GCam still wins over night scape from built-in camera. How can we know this if we directly jump into the conclusion that "built-in camera is always better"?

Besides, I have seen so many previous cases that GCam triumph over multi camera setup from multiple devices. I personally tested how even digital zoom from GCam RN5 (which use only the main camera, not include the aux cam) still wins over the tele lens built-in camera app from the first 4 back camera phone from samsung. And Nokia 9 use Snapdragon, not kirin/exynos; it should be not difficult to find a working GCam port for it. I don't want to jump into the conclusion before seeing the test result and the comparison.

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