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New Commnt: ★★Re: Pocket Casts 7 rolls out on Android with Material Theme redesign, archiving, and more ★★

Not only is the new update horrible so is their customer support. I have been emailing daily multiple times asking for either a refund or a download for the old APK so I can roll back to the one I paid for. I feel this is fair because I paid for the version I wanted not this hot mess. I cant add multiple items to the playlist like I used to be able to. Have to do many more taps to add items to my play list. The look who cares when it just doesnt function. I urge everyone to flag and report this app to google as fraud because it sure as hell is not what anyone paid for. I have been using this app for about 3 years now and this is what they do. Fraud I say. Not the app I chose or paid for.

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