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New Commnt: ★★Re: Samsung Galaxy phones reportedly depreciate in value faster than other brands ★★

This is a deceptive comparision. On one hand, this is using the samsung sticker price and comparing to the Apple sticker price. On the other hand, it is using the "trade-in to a for-profit site" to determine the residual value.

This ignores the fact that, at least in the US, rarely do people pay sticker. I just traded my S9 for 550 towards an S10e. Based on Bankmycell, this is 275 more than their value. I would use Swappa and value the phone closer to 350. This means that Samsung is providing 200-275 (25-35%) off the 750 sticker price of their phone on day 1 through the inflated trade-in value. Peak S10 pre-order promo was ~ BOGO + 260 accessories credit + 100 discount on the S10 (or 60% off of sticker).

If I am getting 35%-60% off of sticker on day 1, saying the phone is worth 42% less than sticker after a month is just saying that Samsung's launch promos is actually setting the price.

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