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SOLVED: Estimate time and memory required when transcoding video FFMPEG

Anh Vo Nguyen Nhat:

Currently, I am trying to predict beforehand the time it takes when transcoding a video (e.g. transcoding 1920x1080 H264 video to 1280x720 VP9) using FFMPEG tool. I have used the following features to build a simple neural network to predict the time: - Video Resolution (Input + Output) - Video Duration - Video Codec (Input + Output) - Video Bitrate - Video Framerate - Number of B, I, P frames

However, the result is not really promising. I want to ask if there is any other way to estimate/predict the time it takes when transcoding a video? Are there any other features beside the listed that affects the transcoding time?

Beside the transcoding time, I also need to forecast the memory required by the process. I see a linear relation between the output resolution and the consumed memory. However, when trying with different computers the consumed memory are different. For example, 128GB computer would take 57GB to transcode, but for 64GB computer, it only takes 37GB. Is there any formula to calculate the required memory from the FFMPEG transcoding algorithm?

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