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SOLVED: How do I connect a page on my website to post on facebook


I was searching for a while, but probably I'm just not using the right keywords.

Right now I have two separate things:

1) Articles on my website. Each article has a facebook like/recommend this article button at the end of the article. I.e. you can scroll to the bottom of the article here - http://www.thecheers.org/Travel/article_4915_Ryanair---how-can-they-fly-with-their-prices.html - you'll probably see that there's a text next to the button saying that "13 people recommend this".

2) I have a facebook page which has also posted a link to this article there. The post on Facebook page has a couple of likes.

The question - how can I make it so that when someone clicks the Recommend button on my website, it would also update the number of post likes on my facebook page? Keeping in mind that I am not talking about Facebook page likes but individual facebook post/article likes.

Any ideas? IN theory, it sounds like it should be easy...yet right now it doesn't really look like it.

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