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SOLVED: How to bind associated types from 2 traits?


I have the 2 following traits:

trait Filter {
    type Message;
    fn is_valid(&self, message: &Self::Message) -> bool;

trait Client {
    type Message;
    fn send(&self, message: &Self::Message) -> Result<(), Error>;

I would like an implementation of Filter and Client to use the same Message type.

struct ClientWithFilter<C: Client, F: Filter> {
    filter: F,
    client: C,

impl<C: Client, F: Filter> ClientWithFilter<C, F> {
    /// C::Message or F::Message???
    fn check_and_send(&self, message: &C::Message) -> Result<(), Error> {
        if self.filter.is_valid(message) {
        } else {

This does not compile. How can I write this in Rust in a correct way?

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