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SOLVED: How to Call Data structure from other classes

Peter Gigih:

I want to call data structure from another classes but i find a problem here, can you help me?

here the source code

The data structure from class SimBetWithFairRouting

public  Map<DTNHost, ArrayList<Double>> neighborsHistory;

and i will call it in this method from class NeighbourhoodSimilarity

private double countDirectSimilarity(double[][] matrixEgoNetwork, int index) {
    double sim=0;

    for (int i = 0; i < matrixEgoNetwork.length; i++) {
//here the problem
        if (matrixEgoNetwork[i][0]==this.countAggrIntStrength(*i will call it in here*) && matrixEgoNetwork[i][index]==1) {


    return sim;


any way i can make this work without changing the map into static form? clue : in the class SimBetWithFairRouting had replicate method, can you help me?

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