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SOLVED: How to make local connections to crossbrowsertesting.com with Protractor?


How can I test my Angular Pages with Protractor in my local network at crosbrowsertesting.com? I installed "npm i cbt_tunnels" and my protractor.conf looks like this:

const cbt = require('cbt_tunnels');
export.config= {
baseUrl: 'http://localhost:4200/',
framework: 'jasmine',
  directConnect: false,
  seleniumAddress: 'http://<myusername>:<mykey>@hub.crossbrowsertesting.com:80/wd/hub',
  capabilities : {
    name : 'protractor test', // this will show up in the UI
    // these are important :)
    browserName : "firefox",
    browser_api_name : 'FF39', // change this according to what browser you are using
    os_api_name : 'Win10', // change this for the OS you are using
    screen_resolution : '1024x768', // change this for the resolution
    record_video : 'true',
    record_network : 'true',
    record_snapshot : 'true',
    acceptInsecureCerts: 'true',
    tunnel: 'true'

  onComplete: () => {

  onPrepare() {
      cbt.start({"username": "<myusername>", "authkey": 
  "<mykey>"}, function (err) {
        if (!err) console.log("cbt success");

I can see the test running at crossbrowsertesting.com but the browser there says: waiting for localhost

What is missing?

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