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SOLVED: How to print lines with duplicated fields?

Raj KP:

I need to print lines with duplicated fields, tried using sed it's not working.
Input file has two lines:

s1/s2/s3/s4/s5/u0 a1_b2_c3_d4_e5_f6_g7 s1/s2/s3/s4/s5/u1
s1/s2/s3/s4/s5/u0 a1_b2_c3_d4_e5_f6_g7 s1/s2/s3/s4/s5/u0

Output should be only second line, because it has exact duplicated strings (fields).
But it's printing both lines using below command

sed -rn '/(\b\w+\b).*\b\1\b/ p' input_file


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