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SOLVED: In Amadeus self service APIs, is price.total inclusive of all taxes and fees?

Chris Han:

For the Amadeus self-service rest APIs: v1/shopping/flight-offers and flight-dates, is the price.total response field inclusive of all taxes and fees?

I seem to need to add total + totalTaxes to get a price that's close to the one provided by the airline directly.

If there are developer docs that explain in more detail each response field, please do point me to them. I have been unable to find any.

In reference to these APIs:

https://developers.amadeus.com/self-service/category/203/api-doc/4/api-docs-and-example/10002 https://developers.amadeus.com/self-service/category/203/api-doc/5/api-docs-and-example/10003

and this field:

"price": {
  "total": "259.91",
  "totalTaxes": "185.91"

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