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SOLVED: Installing Machinekit on Beaglebone Black For Desktop Use


I have been struggling for the past ten days, as a brand new user, to get my Beaglebone Black rec C (element 14) to run Machinekit on my Win 8.1 PC. To save you the long story, I am totally lost. What I've been able to learn during my time playing with all the software and hardware around me from forums, blogs, sites, personal intuition, etc comes down to:

  • successfully flashing an image on a microSD card and then transfer them on to the BB-Black, so that it can run without the flash card inside,
  • connecting BBB to my PC via puTTY and to the internet (albeit, apparently Google only, as I cannot have puTTy download any

Since I am desperately looking for some dummies pointers on the issues I have, I'm giving all the software/hardware coordinates I think are important:

The image I'm using is from here

My Questions are: BBB does show up on my PC with the default image it comes out with, and I can go through the instructions available on Beagleboard/getting started webpage, but once I replace it with another Image, it doesn't seem to appear as a drive on my PC nor anywhere on the Device Manager. However, I can putty it to my PC, and share my PC WiFi with it. Given that I have installed thenter link description heree required drivers from BBoard Getting Started, Is this normal?!! If not, What is it that causes this? (I have searched high and low online, but haven't come up with a concrete conclusion)

I can use my PC WiFi to connect BBB to the Google per online instructions, yet any attempt, via puTTY, to download Machinekit Packages (Just in case, is the link right for my case?!!) from the related website leads in the error:

machinekit@beaglebone:~$ sudo apt-get install machinekit-xenomai
Reading package lists... Done 
Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done 
E: Unable to locate package machinekit-xenomai


machinekit@beaglebone:~$ sudo apt-get install machinekit-posix
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package machinekit-posix

  1. I have downloaded the Machinekit Client on my PC. What else do I need? I can see online that I need download tightVNC viewer both on my PC and on the BBB via puTTY. right? Provided that I can do so, do I need to download a VCP (Visual Control Panel) like QtQuickVcp to use in conjunction with Machinekit? Should I install this on my PC or BBB or both?!!!

    1. My keyboard is misspelling on ThightVNC window. How can I fix this?

Any help, however small, is highly appreciated.

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