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SOLVED: log directory execution in tensorboard


I am working on a keras tutorial (Using Anaconda spyder 3.6 environment for TF on windows 10) for Mnist Convolution nets. to recognize digits, given at : https://ift.tt/2F07cql

the problem i am facing is to monitor tensorboard log

in my code i use,


I do add the tensorboard in my keras model.fit( ,callbacks=[tensorboard])

this create the logs folder in my anaconda spyder working directory (which i can see).

However the next step is to open a terminal and run :

tensorboard --logdir=logs/

Q) where or what should be the terminal? i tried console in spyder and anaocnda prompt but none works. From spyder i get errors like invalid syntax or no operator assigned.

Please guide me considering a newbie here.

Much appreciated :)

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