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SOLVED: nim language ,gintro demo with two columns in a listview / gtktreeview and sortable

Alain De Vos:

For nim language there is only one gui toolkit working for me and that is gintro.

The democode listview compiles and runs nice on my netbsd. Source: http://ssalewski.de/gintroreadme.html

But I need a listview(gtktreeview) with two columns, I looked into nim.gtk but can't figure out which "casts" I should spell.

The code in the demo program:

let gtype = typeFromName("gchararray")
let store = newListStore(N_COLUMNS, cast[pointer]( unsafeaddr gtype)) 
# cast due to bug in gtk.nim

Works nice for N_COLUMNS=1 but not N_COLUMNS:2

Here is the relevant part in nim.gtk:

proc newListStore*(nColumns: int; types: GTypeArray): ListStore =
    let gobj = gtk_list_store_newv(int32(nColumns), types)

Second when I have multiple colums I would like to make it sortable by clicking on the header (like an excel table)

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