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SOLVED: No output window appearing in Pycharm


I have just started using Pycharm for Python programming. I wrote some code from online tutorials. They executed nicely. However, suddenly Pycharm stopped giving an output window. I tried with different programs which were running nicely. Output was not appearing for them either. What settings need to be changed in Pycharm?

import kivy
from kivy.app import App
from kivy.uix.label import Label
from kivy.uix.textinput import TextInput
from kivy.uix.floatlayout import FloatLayout
from kivy.uix.button import Button
from kivy.properties import Property

class MyApp(App):
    def build(self):
        return (FloatLayout)

if __name__ == " __main__ ":

This is the Python file.

        font_size: 40


            text:"How Are you"

This is the Kivy file.

 ##Log File##

>Purge log fired. Analysing...
>Purge 41 log files
>Prge finished!
>4m[INFO   ] [Logger      ] Record log in C:\Users\DJC\.kivy\logs\kivy_19- 
>[INFO   ] [Kivy        ] v1.10.1
>[INFO   ] [Python      ] v3.6.4 (v3.6.4:d48eceb, Dec 19 2017, 06:04:45) 
>[MSC v.1900 32 bit (Intel)]
>[INFO   ] [Factory     ] 194 symbols loaded
>[INFO   ] [Image       ] Providers: img_tex, img_dds, img_sdl2, 
>img_gif(img_pil, img_ffpyplayer
>[INFO   ] [Text        ] Provider: sdl2

Process finished with exit code 0

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