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SOLVED: python filter string to return a list


I want to filter a given sentence and extract all the string which are surrounded by single quotation marks and return a list.

For example, sample input:

"Welcome to 'Jungle', is a song by American rock band 'Guns N Roses' released in 1987."


['Jungle', 'Guns N Roses']

Explanation: String - "Jungle" is surrounded by single quotation marks, so we need to pick this. Similarly - Guns N Roses. So the output is having 2 strings in its list. Another sample input:

"How are (you, doing today)"



Explanation: We do not have anything between single quotations so this returns empty list. I tried using split function to split by single quotation, but realised that is not the right approach. Can you please help me how to do this in python?

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