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SOLVED: SQL Server 2008 R2 Help Select Certain Column from Table1 and Insert to Certain Column in Table2 with Where Clause Conditions



|1 |1          |1      |A   |
|3 |2          |1      |B   |
|4 |1          |3      |C   |


|1 |1          |1      |NULL   |
|3 |2          |1      |NULL   |
|5 |9          |7      |NULL   |

As you can see, the column 'Code_Id' in Table2 is NULL. I need to update that column with the values from column 'Id' in Table1 with condition where values in columns 'Category_Id' and 'Type_Id' in Table1 match values in columns 'Category_Id' and 'Type_Id' in Table2.

How am I supposed to do that? Thank you and looking forward to your kind help.

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