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SOLVED: Vehicle System.Java OOP

Avinash Nobeen:

Develop a simple OO Java application that makes use of an Array of Objects for a Vehicle System. Keep the following information: VehicleID as a number, Make, Color, Selling Price as Double. Your program should start with a menu. You may use a text based menu as follows: 1. Input Vehicle 2. List all Vehicles 3. Search a Vehicle 4. Exit Input Vehicle will allow the user to input a number of vehicles. You may choose a fixed number or use a Sentinel Value to stop input. List all Vehicles will list all vehicles inputted in the system. Search a Vehicle will allow the user to input a VehicleID, and the system will perform a Linear Search and display the details of that vehicle. The menu is inside a loop so that the program exits only when the user selects the Exit option.

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