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SOLVED: Why dockered centos doesn't recognize pip?

Sailor Moon:

I want to create a container with python and few packages over centos. I've tried to run several commands inside raw centos container. Everything worked fine I've installed everything I want. Then I created Dockerfile with the same commands executed via RUN and I'm getting /bin/sh: pip: command not found What could be wrong? I mean the situation at all. Why everything could be executed in the command line but not be executed with RUN? I've tried both variants:

RUN command
RUN command
RUN pip install ...


RUN command\
    && command\
    && pip install ...

Commands that I execute:

from centos

run yum install -y centos-release-scl\
    && yum install -y rh-python36\
    && scl enable rh-python36 bash\
    && pip install django

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